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Quick Fixes for a Leaky Pipe – Gone Wrong!

Quick Fixes for a Leaky Pipe – Gone Wrong!

Plugging a leaky pipe may seem like a straightforward idea. But we’re here to tell you that a quick fix may not be a fix at all. You might think you’re saving yourself some money and a plumber call out by plugging the leak, but it can cause more bother than it saves. At JPT, we are frequently called in to fix jobs where a leak has been “stopped” temporarily but not fixed at the source.

Why is it so important to find the source of your leak?

A leak can indicate a bigger problem, one that may not be visible without further investigation or professional experience and know-how. For example, there could be a clogged water line somewhere in the system, a broken pipe or corrosion. Blockages can cause high water pressure in the pipework and cause leakages where there should not be any. So, by plugging the leak, you are potentially moving that problem further down the pipe, not fixing it and that may make it much worse and cause there to be even more leaks.

Or you could be lucky and it’s just a leak, but do you want to know that or cross your fingers and hope?

Cost-effective reassurance

Calling a skilled professional to check out your leak, find out the source and then recommend actions will ensure the fix is safe and cost effective. We see too many jobs where the cost is inflated by the temporary fix, so take our advice and get it looked at the first time it happens.
Call-out fees are only charged between the hours of 6 pm and 8 am.

Call: 01480 763555 or 07798606224 to get a free no-obligation quote so you can rest assured your leak will be fixed not patched.

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