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MagnaCleanse Heating System Cleaner

We recommend, new or old, that your heating system needs regular maintenance, which sounds expensive, but by making some simple choices and spending a little time now to get your heating system cleaned and then making sure you keep it protected from the future build-up of sludge really can save you money!

Sludge or the build-up of magnetite which forms as a result of corrosion in your heating system can cause a serious drop in boiler efficiency. If sludge is left in your system, it can lead to multiple problems and make your heating system have to work harder to keep you warm and this inefficiency can mean that you are using more energy and creating a larger carbon footprint than you need to.

To prevent this from happening we recommend that you take steps, even if you have a new boiler or are living in a newly built home to clean and protect your heating system, to keep your heating system clean and working well. We see the problems caused by not getting ahead of the problems that can occur in heating by a build-up of sludge every day and we know how costly and uncomfortable that can be when you are without heat and hot water during the cold months of the year so we advocate planning ahead, and keeping you and your family warm year after year.

The system we choose to use for cleaning heating systems is called MagnaCleanse and the filter we recommend to fit after the clean to prevent future build-up is Magnaclean, we have used many different products over our many years of providing plumbing and electrical services in our local area of Huntingdonshire but these are by far the best we have used and that is why we continue to use and recommend them to our clients.

The provider of these products has created a short animation that shows you how sludge can affect the system and how the MagnaCleanse® system flush removes even hardened debris, flushing a system of virtually all magnetite that may have built up over time if left untreated and why we then recommend adding a filter to your clean system to keep it running at its most efficient, please take a little time to watch to help you understand why this is such a vital part of your heating system maintenance.


If you would like to talk to us about getting your heating system cleaned and protected to make sure it is as energy efficient as possible please do get in touch.