doggy outdoor shower point

Doggy Outdoor Shower Point

Our furry friends love MUD and lots of it, they roll in it (and other not so pleasant brown stuff) and they love to be covered in it but our homes not so much!

The Doggy Outdoor Shower Point consists of an outdoor fitting that you simply connect the 1.5m shower hose to with a “push and turn” action and you have an outdoor shower, unlike a garden hose you will have the ability to vary the temperature making it useful in the colder months too and great for dogs who run and hide when bathtime is mentioned or have simply fallen out with your bathtub!

The innovative and attractive design of the model we recommend has a high-quality shower that you can expect to have a long, reliable lifespan and is compact and lightweight making it easy to use and store. The 1.5m long hose makes getting under, over and all over your pup easy and it has a swivel head with a fixed pattern spray and a handy lever control with a high flow rate so you are in complete control however “active” your dog gets when the water goes on.

The outdoor shower doesn’t have to be just for the dog who rules your home there are many other uses that make this a great alternative to simply popping a hose on the outdoor tap.

If you would like more information about fitting a Doggy Outdoor Shower Point or to book a time for us to drop in and give you a no-obligation quote for fitting one at your home please do get in touch.