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Tips & Hacks #3 – Keeping your waste pipes under control

Tips & Hacks #3 – Keeping your waste pipes under control

It’s a simple tip and you’ve heard it before but do you know why making sure you don’t put any fats down the sink waste is important?

As it cools the fat solidifies and the fat can build up and eventually clog up your waste pipes giving you plumbing bills you don’t need.

That’s easy to achieve for the cooking fat from a pan that you know is there but what about the fat you don’t know is there – something not many people are aware of is that almost all of the packaged foods that you buy from the supermarket contain small amounts of natural or added fats or oils and so something as innocent as washing fruit before you eat it can mean you are regularly putting fats into your sink pipe system.

So what can you do to help keep the pipe clean and running well…the solution is simple too, it’s a little bit of washing up liquid!

Washing up liquid will act as a degreaser against any oils and fats that go down the plughole keeping your pipes clean and unblocked.

When pouring any liquids down the sink, firstly make sure you put a little washing up liquid down, follow this by pouring your waste down the sink and then add another small amount of washing up liquid and that’s it clear and clean pipe and sinks that don’t get backlogged with smelly water – give it a try!

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