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Tips & Hacks #1 – Recommended Thermostat Settings

Tips & Hacks #1 – Recommended Thermostat Settings

Welcome to the JPT Property Services Tips & Hacks – our quick, easy to read, easy to apply tips on how to make the most of your plumbing & heating systems from a local qualified Plumber and Electrician.

Keeping your house warm by using the recommended settings for your thermostats allows your heating to perform at its most efficient, saves wasted heat and energy and helps to lower your carbon emissions to help the environment and saves you money too!

Are you confused by all of the controls you have for your heating, thermostats and valves everywhere but don’t know how you can set them all so that they work well together and make heating your home as energy-efficient and as low cost as possible? We can help!

Here is our quick guide to the temperatures and settings you should use throughout your home to be warm in all the right places but also as energy-efficient as possible.

TRV (Thermostatic Radiator Valve) Position Reference Recommended setting for:

2-3 18°C Bedroom
3. 19-20°C Kitchen
3-4. 20-21°C Lounge, child’s bedroom
4. 22°C Bathroom

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