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How can I save money on my heating bills?

How can I save money on my heating bills?

With worrying rises in the price of domestic gas and heating oil keeping your heating bill down is a huge priority for us all, so what can we do to make sure we are getting the most from our central heating system and keep our costs to a minimum?

The quick answer is to take good care of your central heating system, even if you have had a brand new boiler put in or are in a new house there are still ways to make sure your heating system is protected and maintained and continues to work as it should for its entire lifetime and the benefits of acting on that sooner rather than later can cost less than diagnosis and repair in the future and can potentially save you an average of 6% a year on your heating bills (figures from independent research and based on a typical 3-bed property).

Magnetite, also known as black sediment or sludge, is the number one contributor to heating breakdowns, inefficiencies and ongoing heating system issues. Every day corrosion occurs within a heating system and, if left untreated, this builds up causing cold spots on radiators, making heating inefficient and putting unnecessary strain on the boiler.

The most common way to combat this is to Power Flush your heating system, however, this alone can cause many issues as the build-up of unnatural pressures within your system can cause seals to break or weaken and although the “sludge” is flushed out it can mean that your heating system has been compromised from the very process used to improve it.

A more organic way to keep your heating working efficiently is to simply is to work with the elemental properties of the magnetite by using a magnetic filter on your system that will prevent the build up from happening. The filter that we prefer to use is called Magenaclean, with filters that work well with both domestic and commercial heating systems this simple addition to your heating system provides benefits such as:

  • 6%* annual saving on heating bills (*For a typical three-bedroom property based on independent research)
  • Immediate ongoing central heating system protection
  • Extends the life of the central heating system
  • Reduced carbon emissions
  • Correctly sized filter for the central heating system
  • 10-year warranty if registered within 30 days of install

So you can see why we recommend it so highly, fitting a filter like this can save you time, money and can prevent unwanted and unnecessary outages leaving you literally in the cold!

If you would like to talk to us about fitting a filter in your commercial space or in your home please do give us a call and we can book a time to talk to you about how to prevent heating issues and how to save money on your heating bills.

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